Barbaric Revenge And Ugly Genocide -Israel And Palastine Conflict

Written By:A.Sadam husain hasani

For thousands of years, the human society,which claims to be the best creature on this earth,has shed countless blood for their selfishness,arrogant power,tyranny and self-pride. Beginning on how you touch me?then ending in that the main purose of my life is to destroy you totally. This barbaric revenging thought buried in this human society for the long year. And the mental illness that separates the people by color or race or religion or nation consedering themselves as high or inferior others,has been working like a cancer on this human society forever.

I see that as an expression of it a society unleashes ferocious attacks and atrocities on other societies. I would like to record here very clearly that people of any religion,any race,any color,and any nationality are not exempt in it. I think that there is such a poisonous snake in the chest of every human being who thinks that he is stronger than his enemy.

Basically, this human society should live with love and respect for every human being. But nowadays I can see the situation that a man thinks if he has some power,then he thinks it gives him the right to treat another one as an animal or even worse than that. In this point of view I see the destruction of the Palastinian people in today's Isreal. Israel,which has been suppressing the Palastinian people who have been living as ancient citizens for a long time in the name of the state and power, has come forward to genocide them totally. Because now it has suffered by a small loss on it's side. So it has declared war for that and untill now thousands of bombs have been mercilessly rained down on the entire population of Palastine.

Many innocent people are being killed in bunches. The world health organization is crying when it sees such brutality. The Palastinian Ministy of Health is accusing that the service organizations, journalists,doctors and hospitals of being targeted and attaked. Beyond these,the Islamic countries and various international humanitarian leaders who have realized the value of human blood have condemned this international human violations. They are openly demanding to stop the brutal violation.

But the Israelis,who have the strength of the army and the power of the United States of America,are deafened by thier bombs which they have thrown on Palastinians and working in bloodlust. They openly say that there is no room for anything like international rules of war, humanitarianism,etc,and we will enter the home of Palastinain people one by one and kill them with our army. No one has any right to ask that,and they openly announce that if you ask ourselves then you will also be kiled by our army.

On the other hand, even those who went to pray in Jerusalam,more than 5,200 people including 170 children and 33 women have been arrested and kept in Israeli prisons. Likewise we can officially see that more than 6,400 people have been killed by Israeli brutality based on pre-war data.So these extremist Israelis,who do not even think about their atrocities they have committed and are committing, and destroying the Palastinian people who gave them life by their ugly betrayal. Yes, I see that they have a history of ugly betrayal.

History of Zionist's Ugly Betrayal:

Today,they claim that their presence in Jerusalem, which they consider their holy place, and which is the place of Moses and David (Prophets). But almost 2,500 years ago, we can see that these Israelites were cursed by the Prophet Moses when they ran away from the Pharaoh named second Ramses. In other words, we can clearly see that the old testament of the Bible and the Holy Qur'an describe lot of atrocities committed by these Israelites against Prophet Moses.

Apart from that, the atrocity they did to David (the Messenger of God)is not one or two. Therefore, we can see in history that these people were cursed and chased away by him. And these Isralites said Isa, who is called Jesus(messenger),was born in the wrong way and they betrayed him and killed him by being the main factor in his crucifixion.

Beyond all of them, it is also a real fact that millions of these people were killed by Hitler,who earned the name of the world's tyrant,based on the level of betrayal they did to the Germans who gave them shelter in Germany. Despite all that, they are a strange society with only a history of betrayal, such as providing armed support to Ukraine against Putin, while maintaining friendly relations with Russia-Putin. So as Israelites we can see that they have only betrayals to others in their total history.

And it is really joke that India's current Prime Minister Modi has supported Israel who has only a history of betrayal. After various political experts said that Modi has announced it only by considering Islamophobia,then it is announced that India supports the libration of Palastine by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is India's double face activity and various political experts also spew that it shows constant weakness in India's side.

India and Palastine:

India is one of the countries that said that Israel has been unjustly taken away from the Palastinians since the time Israel was seperated from Palastine by the United States of America. Because when Israel was unjustly taken away from the Arab Palastinians, the king of non-violence,Mr.GandhiJi, told that this is a ugly injastice done to the Arabs.On this basis India has played a very important role in the relationship between India and Palastine.But now when the war between Israel and the Arab country of Palastine, then Mr.Modi has shown his true face to other countries by hastily pouring out his Islamophobia...

Now you may ask this. Are you support the outrageous actions of the rulers of Gaza, who are called terrorists by the Israelis? Or you may ask me are you support for terrorism? Or you may ask me openly that are you support the Palastinian militants who went into a public place in Israel and indiscriminately shooted civilians there.

The rulers of Gaza - Hammas did it right?

What they have done is definitely a very reprehensible crime for me. Actually they should start their attack with the arrogant Israel army that has been killing their people for so long. I belive that no one with a common sense of humanity would agree with the killing of innocent civilians. Likewise, I would like to record the opinion of the Hammas fighters here. That is they say that they have launched such an attack so that their enemy should also face their long-term pain and describe it as their own justification. But I don't think it is acceptable to attack innocent civilians who are not involved in the attack on them.

In the end I would like to mention another important question also here. Is it right that Israel army embarked on killing 2 million or more than 20 lakh Palastinian people for the 200 Israel people who were killed by Hammas? This is what a big question from every humanitarians. And then, I would like to come the end of this article.


What is the solution to this Ugly Genocide War?

Actually, this war started by two individual communities on the basis of long-term hatred, they must give up and give peace between them. Otherwise,we can see Israel-Palastinian war in a state where one community tries to destroy the other community completely. Even if the state of peace is established, it is Israeli occupation and Palastinian's land recovering will be started again.Therefore,it can be seen that the Israelis are preparing to end this war through an ethnic cleansing based on the world law that "The strongest will win."

Perhaps, if the Islamic countries want to stop the Israeli ferocity and arrogance on the basis of the killing of Muslims or other countries on the basis of humanity, then this ugly genocide war can definitely be brought to an end.

Next, I think it would be very important to mention here.That is, this ugly genocide war to destroy the lives of Palastinians is also seen as a preview for the destruction of the Islamic Empire. I mean if Palastine is conquered by Israel,this war will not stop. After the conquest of Palastine, Israel will move to attack many more Islamic countries which is surrounding it. I think this is what indicates the word of Benjamin Netanyahu; That is" We are ready for a long battle".

So, at this time, the Islamic countries around the Palastinian territory should not fear the extremists Israel,and they have to attack the barbarians who are waiting to betray them very soon. That is only may be a better solution for Arabs. And I can predict that some Islamic forces like Hizbullah are waiting for this kind of situation. That is why also we could see the Israel army have not yet entered Gaza. I mean because of this fear only Israel Army thinks to go inside of the Gaza.

However, I am concluding this article by recording deeply that this Ugly Genocide war will definitely cause huge human destruction and Just I pray that Almighty God will strengthen the human spirit and humanity.

Writer:A.Sadam husain hasani Ibnu Ahmed Jalaludeen


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