Are Hammas Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

Written By:A.Sadam husain hasani



This article is purley intended to explain the Palastinian Hamas organization, which is labeled as a terrorist organization by Israeli Zionists and countries like the United States, however,to understand this topic clearly, we need to know some basics about how terrorism is perceived in the public eye and how it is declared,and what is the real world of terrorism. So I have explained some common things regarding that and what is the shadow world of the freedom fighters.

I am sure that this article will not give any problem to those who want to appreciate human dignity in a neutral way and will give a clear vision to those who want to clearly understand the difference between extremism and freedom fights. Come with me, let's go into the article.

We all are Terrorists:

What is Terrorism? if we find an answer to the question of who are extremists? then I think that no one can be exempted from the act of terrorism that unjustly oppresses others in this world. Really we have to accept this bitter truth whether we like it or not. Because I see that the extremism of oppressing another human being from the kitchen to the office has not left any part of this human society.

Because of such terrorism, I can see the blood history of this human society extending endlessly. That is why they fighting for drinking water, living land, moving trains. On the other hand, if we calculate the fights fought for religion among these, the previous history tells us that a large part of this human society has been destroyed because of it.

That is why, I have recorded here first very deeply each and every one of us affected by this kind of terrorism, which is committed against human beings without any sense of guilt.

Next, I think it will be very helpful for you to clearly understand the topic of this article to explain what terrorism really is. So let's see some details about it here.

What is exactly Terrorism?

In the view of today's situation, terrorism is commonly refferred to as a large-scale terrorist act, such as armed attacks against a specific government or information theft, which can be called a cyber attack, and such attacks lead to ruining the lives of the common people, and destroying thier livelihood,and disrupting a peaceful regime as a serious terrorist act, or they are seen as acts of terrorism by all countries.

In the same way, these are not only identified as acts of terrorism, but the punishments are also given to destroy it completely. And we can see that such terrorist attacks are often conducted for some specific political purpose or for some ideology or for religious purpose or for any other selfish purpose.

Therefore, I believe that none of us will have an opposite opinion,such attacks that harm the common people or confuse a peaceful people's rule are aspects that should be eradicated.

Apart from the above-mentioned real extremism, people's revolution and fighting for their own land should be explained here.Who fight for their people or their own land are also extremists? The question may appear and disappear in each of us. Maybe we can leave the questions that arise in us thinking like that someone is fighting, someone is dying but we have a lot of work for our livelihood.

But the core of my article is to find an answer to that, so let's take a closer look at how the people's revolution appears and how those who implement it are portrayed as terrorists by ugly government's army.

Indian people's revolution and British Colonialism:

We all know that India was oppressed by British Colonialism for almost 200 years.The Indian historical teachers called it as "Dark Period". The suffering was so painful that the British took all the resources from here and brought them to their country and they imposed taxes on the innocent working people and tortured them with no way to survive.

Even though they were unable to ask for all these things, some people's revolutionaries kept appearing from time to time as Gods who protected their own land and the honor of their own people. Among them there were those who fought with arms, there were those who carried a pen, and there were those who sang poems with emotion and they identified as freedom fighters.

Because of that, the chests of the people who fought were exposed by the British artillery shells,and they hanged the corpses on the trees along the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to show their power that who opposes them this is what their destiny. We can look at the blood-full papers of Indian independendence history that they enjoyed by feeding those bodies to vultures.

(Here it is my desire to bring infront of your eyes the Indian soldiers revolt against the British Colonial rule and all, but if I write them all here, this article will be too long. So I don't write them here.But I am compilling a great historical book named Indian freedom fighters and I am recording all of them in full details. You can know about this in full details in it.)

So what I have pointed out above is that oppression against innocent people in India, abuse of power in the name of government has been going on beyond limits  in our country and even now such atrocities are happening in some countries. We can see from the official data that almost 58 countries were under British rule in the name of government.

Among them, it can be seen that some countries like India gained independence after huge loss of life and treasonous tortures. But even now, in the name of democracy, many countries like India are ruling under the eagle eye of British domination.

State Terrorism:

Generally we have to understand the fact that for a long time, countless abuses of power and state terrorism have been conducted on the entire population of a country by various tyrannical rulers all over the world. Such state terrorism is often portrayed as military operations and the people who fought against them are portrayed as terrorists and extremists. So I am recording here as the central purpose of this article.

In other words, we must understand the fact that very dangerous terrorism is hidden from us even under the government. Until we understand this, we will never understand the diffrence between the freedom fighters who fight for the people and the terrorists who want to exploit the livelihood of people for the sake of power. Based on this view, today's Palastinian Hammas should be seen.

(Note: Never think that I am writing in support or on behalf of Hammas leaders here. Because my pen has always been linked to speak against injustice and oppression. I kindly inform you that my pen will speak against such violation of human rights if someone wants to commit genocide against the Israelis in the future. So seeing the current events, I also bring to your attention that as far as I am concerned, both of them are terrorists who cause human destruction on both sides.)

Israel and Hammas are both Terrorists in my view:

On the one side the Israeli Zionists who have been destroying the Palastinian city of Gaza and say that they will turn the entire city into rubbish and make it a hell. On the other side the Palastinian Hmmas organizations who claim that they will not rest until the destruction of the Israeli Zionists who have unjustly taken their lands and tortured them on the street as refugees.

When we see that the aim of both of them is to completely destroy each other. So I would like to record here that both of them are the most dangerous terrorists in my view. Because we can see directly in the field that both of them are killing innocent people and children. Therefore, none of them can be said to be good people.

But Israel,which has a lot of army power and supports, tries to show that they are the best people in this world and that there is no one holier than them in this world, and they are asking all the countries of the world should be favorable for their heinous human rights violations, and declare the armed group Hammas, which fights for the Arab Palastinian people as terrorists is actually seen as a big joke in the political world.

Almost from the day Israel was declared (in 1948) until today, I can say with certainty that there are not one or two games played by these mob in the name of spying. There are no people who don't kidnap like them, there are no robberies like them. If we want to give a name to all the crimes in the world, I think that the Mossad, the mercenary force responsible for their (espionage) garbage, is the right one. To that extent, I see that they are international terrorists also and I would like to record here as additional information that these international gangsters, especially for the US have always acted as an accomplice. In fact, the blood shed by these two international gangsters for the power addiction and control of this world is seen to cross the ocean. The blood they shed was also in the act of against terrorism. Really it is a huge shame.

For example, you can take a look at the story of the killing of the Iraqi president Sadam Husain. The Israeli Mossad, whose progress is sniffing around, went to their partner the United States, and said that Sadam prepares a nuclear bomb, and eventually finished him by hanging.

Frankly speaking, if these two vampires would drink anyon's blood. Then definitely they will drink. Now they have planned to drink the blood of the entire Palastinian people and loot their remaining lands. So the only way to do that is to relate to terrorism. So the same old myth is being spreaded by their crippled media and their media is scurrying for scraps of their bosses. Not only that, they are begging other countries also to declare Hammas as terrorists.

Finally, I am coming to the conclusion of this article.


Hammas is the Palastine Liberation Organization in the public eye:

The reality is that we can see that the Hammas organization has been ruling in Gaza by respecting the international laws. If we say it one step further, it is also significant here that they have been elected as represntatives of the nearly 22 lakh people in Gaza.

That is why, when asked why British BBC media does not call Hammas as terrorists, they explained that they are a liberation group and they are democratically elected by the people of Gaza and they have not been identified as terrorists by the UN or international countries and they are still reporting them as Hammas armed group.

In the same way, various international countries that want Palastinian freedom and condemn the Israeli aggression, especially countries like Russia, China, India, etc..,insist that the only solution is to give the freedom of the Palastinian people as a separate country, and that thinking of killing the entire people by branding them as terrorists is never a solution. And we can see that this is what the previous American President Obama and other humanitarians are saying.

Therefore, through this article I request that Israel and the United States, who routinely imprison innocent common people and torture them, and destroy their livelihoods, should understand that no one can accept their human rights violations.

And I hereby record as my important point of view that it is the United State and Israel who are obliged to reconsider themsleves in the matter of trying to kill innocent civilians in the name of terrorism with their bloodlust, oppressor arrogance and greed to rule the world.

Finally, I pray that the Almighty God will bless us forever with peace on this earth and make people lives in peace.


Written By: A.Sadam husain hasani

(Note: I have recorded only the known details of Hammas fighters and the Israeli sides in this article. I welcome your further opinions on these.)


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